Was Derrick Rose one season wonder with Miami Heat

Was Derrick Rose one season wonder with Miami Heat

I would admit that Derrick Rose was a one-season-wonder with the Miami Heats. Miami Heat is an American Basketball Team that provides a great opportunity for someone talented to showcase their skills, be famous and experience stardom. Derrick Rose was supposed to do a lot of things in life but he ended up not completing even the half of it. To start with, he was expected to do wonders while he was part of the Chicago Bulls Team.

Meeting LeBron James’ team in the Eastern Conference Final, whether as a part of Miami Heat or as a member of Cleveland Cavaliers and battling for a chance to win the finals was also one of the major things which he was supposed to do. He was also intended to end his career and retire as a part of the Bulls. All these achievements were supposed to be part of his legacy, but it is all gone now.

Derrick Rose was born on October 08, 1988 in the heart of Chicago, Illinois. He is 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 190lbs. His official name is Derrick Martell Rose and he is popularly called Pooh by his near and dear ones. This name was given by his grandmother when he was an infant as he resembled Winnie, the Pooh a lot. He also has tattooed on his arm the words “The Great Poohdini”, which is quite fascinating. He started his career in Basketball at Simeon Career Academy.

Was Derrick Rose one season wonder with Miami Heat
Was Derrick Rose one season wonder with Miami Heat

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He led Simeon back to back in many championships and won many titles for the same; it was a rare sight at the time for a public school team to win in Chicago. He received many prestigious awards and honours in the coming years. To state a few, USA Today’s National High School Player of the Week, Illinois’ Mr. Basketball, NBA’s Rookie of the Year, the youngest MVP in NBA history, perennial All-Star and much more. After completing his high school, he stood in elections to play for the Memphis Tigers under the coach John Calipari.

Later on, after the championship game, he declared for NBA Draft which was a great risk as he had just finished his freshman season, but in the end, it paid off well when he managed to get selected to his hometown team, Chicago Bulls. It was a matter of pride and honour for him, his family as well as his colleagues and coach. Soon after entering the team, he immediately managed to secure the position of starting point guard for the bulls.

Undoubtedly, it is a very tough move to digest for Bulls fans – Derrick Rose has been shipped away from Chicago to New York Knicks. In an era, where a star could decide the fate of the team, even make or break a team; Derrick was the man for Chicago. At this peak time in Championship, Derrick meant everything to the Bulls.

His athletic skills are unparalleled. His expressions never fluctuated between being happy or sad whenever he won or lost a match. He wore a smile throughout, which is a commendable thing. But the words “if only” will be attached to Derrick Rose for the rest of his life. These words are surely not going to leave him for a long time now. He had suffered a lot of miseries for a while. In 2012, he tore his ACL in a match against Philadelphia. He missed the entire 2013 season. After that he ended up tearing his MCL in 2013. He also injured his orbital socket. Bad health and constant injuries altogether added up to his miseries.

As they say, all great things must come to an end someday; unfortunately, that day has arrived for Derrick Rose.

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