Warlock’s Spell Slot Machine Game Review


Prepare to experience the power of the warlock’s magic in this epic and exciting slot machine game based on a magical fantasy setting. You will try to make your way through the game with the help of spells and magic items in order to conquer the most wanted jackpot prize.

Warlock’s Spell Slot Machine Game Review

Design and Gameplay Warlock’s Spell Slot game

The game is set in a magical place where warlocks and witches are masters. The presentation of the game is very effective in delivering the idea of the theme, which is about magic spells. The background is a dark dungeon complete with spider webs and magical orbs and sparkling dusts. All the fonts are beautifully crafted little sparkles that compliment the magical ambiance of the main screen. The symbols are very amazing as well with bright colors and impressive graphics. The playing card symbols are accompanied by shining sparkles which adds beauty to it.

In order for you to start playing, you must place in your desired bet amounts. The minimum bet you can place is $0.01 and the maximum is $5 per pay line. This range of betting amounts can suit anyone perfectly because of its high variance. Players from the low-end betting levels up to the big time high-rollers can be accommodated by this betting range. Once the bets are all in, you may now start spinning the reels and wait for the winning combinations to show up on the activated pay lines. If you think that you can make winning combinations easier by manually stopping the spinning reels, you may do so by simply clicking the STOP button.

The symbols that you can find and use in the game are all magic-based which includes the Book of Spells, the Black Cat, the Talisman, the Cauldron, and the Crystal Ball. The other symbols contained in the game are the regular 52-card deck playing cards 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A. These symbols will be used to create winning combinations in the reels. Some symbols in the game have special functions that can further boost your earnings. The first special symbols are the Warlock and Witch symbols. Both of these symbols are Wild symbols that can substitute to any symbol in the game, except for the Scatter symbol, in order to complete a winning combination in an active pay line.

The next symbol is the Book of Spells which also serves as the Scatter symbol. What this Scatter symbol does is to give you bet multipliers that will become your total winnings. Hitting 3, 4, or 5 Scatter symbols will give you 2x, 20x, and 100x multipliers, respectively. Also, hitting these Scatter numbers will bring you to the Potion Prize bonus game wherein you will play as the Witch. In this game, you will be asked to select the correct ingredients from the choices given to counteract the Warlock’s magic. You will be given 6 attempts and each wrong selection will reduce the free spins you can win during this game. The free spin amounts start from 100, 25, 20, 10, and 8 as the minimum number of spins you can receive. After your battle with the Warlock, the Free Spin mode will now start. During the Free Spin mode, all winnings have a 3x multiplier.

If you are aiming for symbols with charitable payouts, look for the Witch and Warlock for they can give as much as 10,000 coins if you manage to hit 5 of them in an active pay line. The next highest paying symbols are the Cat (5,000 coins) and the Talisman (1,000 coins).

Progressive Jackpot

The game has a progressive jackpot waiting to be claimed! This progressive jackpot is continually growing because of the funds that come from the players’ bets. This jackpot is also set to be won in random by anyone during the game.

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