Super Color Sicbo Introduction for Those Who Don’t Know This Game

Super Color Sicbo Introduction for Those Who Don’t Know This Game

Sicbo is a quick-paced nice game that casino players might like and play, if they want a change of environment on the usual casino games that they are playing. It may be the least known casino games in the west but it is one of the popular casino games in Asian casinos. It would be best if you know super color sicbo introduction for those who don’t know this game.

Some says that this game was invented by Chinese and the aimed of the game is make bets on range of possible outcome that might be resulting. Payouts varies depending upon the casino. With changing environment, Color Sicbo adds twists in betting.

It might seem the board looks complicated the way you glance it but the rules of the game are pretty simple. It may have similarities on the craps game between being a dice games and waging bets you make. If you’re acquainted with games from Best Malaysia Live Casino & Online Gambling Site, this one will be easy for you to grasp.

Super Color Sicbo Introduction for Those Who Don’t Know This Game

Super Color Sicbo Introduction for Those Who Don’t Know This Game
Super Color Sicbo Introduction for Those Who Don’t Know This Game

The main idea of the game as mentioned earlier is to place bet on the sicbo board and then the dealer will pick up a small chest with 3 dice and will shake them. Dealer will open the chest afterwards to reveal the results of the dice combination. If you place your bets, matches on the wagers/wage, you won otherwise you lose.

There are a lot of possible bet types. Total bet types is the easiest way to bet on a Sicbo board on Live Casino Gambling Games And Best Free Bets Website which range varies. It may be Big, Small or a Tie. Big comes when the total score falls between 11 to 17 which triples are excluded.

Chances are of 48.6 percent of probability and pays 1:1 odds. Small on the other hand, when the total score falls between 4 to 10 excluding triple which has probability of 48.61 and has a pay of 1:1. Both has a house edge of 2.78 percent. Triple comes when you bet 3 of a kind and when the three 4’s or three 1’s, comes out you win.

Super Color SicBo Double Bet

Double on the other hand somewhat goes like that, you bet on any pair and then two 4’s or two 1’s come out. You win when if at least a 2 of the number appears (out of 3 dice). There’s also Odd and Even. Odd is obviously when total is an odd number and Even, same it goes with total title. Adding color on bets such as red, blue or green makes it have more range of placing bets on.

Though the game is about taking chances like any casino game, it wouldn’t be bad to apply some strategies on the game. These would at least minimize your losses. First when the playing, play the even, odd, small, or big bets.

Find A Casino with Larger Super Color SicBo Payout

Those are chances of close to odds even (of a coin flip) as you’re going to get it right. Or you place bets based on color that you feel might like to win. And lastly find casinos with larger payouts. They would help on you increase chance of winning the game.

Color Sicbo is another variation of the Sicbo game. Whether in land casino or Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia with a live dealer, it maybe not as popular as as Blackjack or Roulette. But it simplicity by choosing what outcome will be will make you on hooked on it. With that, it is the easiest game you can learn.

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