Sports Tourism


The terms sport tourism means the travel that is done for the sake of sports. There are many people around the world who would love to travel long distances for sports and there many people who are capable to do so, they can afford the expenses to travel so they do so. The concept of sports tourism has been increasing day by day because the number of sports fans has also been increasing and so keeping in view these kind of facts there are people who are gaining high profits out of sports tourism.

They have developed businesses that are to provide comfort to the people in terms of their traveling and for providing such services they also earn a lot of money. When any sports event is held in a country then millions of people travel to that country from corners of the world. This kind of thing does not only promote the culture and traditions of that country but also its results to be very beneficial for the economy of the country as those countries get financial benefits when more and more tourists come to their country.

Sports Tourism

Some positive impacts of sports tourism are mentioned below

  1. Financial impacts

As mentioned earlier sport tourism has a positive impact on the economy of the country because the people that come to a country to attend an event they have to spend their money for their living, eating and other necessities and many of them are likely to shop the main attractions of the country and so it adds to the finance of the country.

  1. International relations

It creates a very positive effect for the relationships between the country holding that particular event and the other countries from where people are coming to attend the event. It is a good way to strengthen their international relations.

  1. Support for sports

It is commonly observed that when an event is held in a country it increases the awareness and knowledge about sports in that community because people get more inclined towards these events when it is occurred in their own country and so sport tourism becomes a good source to promote support and love for sports.

  1. Facilities of the community

In such kind of events when people come to a country then they use the facilities that are available there. It produces high profits for the people who give those services and even after the tourists leave, the companies that have participated in giving their services to the tourist, they succeed to lay a very good impression among the natives as well and they continue to earn profit even after the event has ended.

And so these are the reasons that the nations show high interest to make such events held there.

But there surely are some pros and cons to this. Due to sports tourism the values get changed in that country i.e. the good ones are replaced by the bad. Sometimes people do learn from the tourists about their values that may result in the goodness of the country. These values tend to effect the individuals but when it is promoted then it effects at a more collective level. But there are some disadvantages to this as well. When a large number of people come from around the world the activities which effect the climate rise abundantly because more and more people like to indulge in activities like biking, camping, boating and other stuff like that increases a lot and so it becomes a great source of noise pollution of the country. This is a negative impact that a country has to suffer.

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