Ronin Slot Machine Review


Are you brave and honorable enough to play this marvelous samurai-themed slot game? If yes, prepare to be taken back to the land of the rising sun during the historical time with Samurais and fight your way to win the most wanted jackpot money of this amazing slot machine game.

Ronin Slot Machine Review

Design and Gameplay at Ronin Slot game Review

Ronin Slot Machine is based on the Samurai (or Ronin) era in Japan. Here, you can find items and characters commonly found in the same time period such as Samurai helmets, old temples, and others. These characters and items are presented in a very nice way with details and rich graphics and impressive sound effects that play every time you hit a winning combination. The background of the main screen is a long span of mountain ranges with a large Japanese castle at the end. The fonts used are amazing as well with the Japanese font style used. The symbols used in the reels, although in cartoon style, are very well created.

The symbols used in the game are the Ronin, the Koku, the Temple, the Horse, the Samurai/Ronin Helmet, and the Flag. The other symbols included are the regular 52-card deck playing cards 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A. The game has 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 pay lines where you can complete winning combinations coming from the symbols listed.

To start playing the game, you need to place in your bet amounts. The betting range starts from $0.01 (minimum) up to $5 (maximum) per pay line. With the 20 available pay lines of the game, you can have as much as $100 worth of bet on a single spin. Once the bets are in, you may now spin the reels by clicking the SPIN button and wait for the winning combinations to show up. If you feel that you have the need to manually stop the spinning reels, you may do so by clicking the STOP button. This betting range is actually a very flexible variety of amounts that can comfortably suit any type of player, from the low-bets up to the big time high-rollers.

The game also includes special symbols that functions more that the usual symbol types in the game. These special symbols serve better purposes to give players more excitement and bigger chances of earning prizes. Unlike in the other slot machines, you only get one type of symbol for a special function and a symbol can only have one special function. In this game, certain twists are added to make the game more fun and exciting.

The first special (or extra-special if we may call it) symbol is the Ronin. First of all, it is the symbol with the highest payout (on its own) giving away 5,000 coins. The 5,000 coin reward can even be doubled to 10,000 coins if combined with even a single Koku symbol on the 3rd reel. This amazing Ronin symbol also serves as a Wild symbol that can take the role of any symbol in the game to complete a winning combination in an active pay line. Aside from being a Wild symbol, the Ronin is also the Scatter symbol that can give you Scatter payouts and multipliers.

Next is the Koku symbol which also acts as a Wild symbol. Just like the Ronin, this can substitute to any symbol in the game in order to complete the winning combination on an active pay line. The prize money is also doubled whenever this symbol is added to a winning combination.

The Koku symbol, just like the Ronin, is a very powerful symbol with lots of benefits. Aside from its normal function as a Wild symbol, together with the Ronin symbol, it is a tool to bring you to 3 different special games when you manage to hit a Koku symbol on the 3rd reel plus 2 or more Ronin symbols anywhere on the screen.

The first special feature game is the Re-spin game wherein the Koku symbols are held in place on the 3rd reels and the remaining symbols will spin up to 10 times. This feature gives any player another chance to hit a winning combination. This feature game can also be retriggered anytime by hitting 2 or more Ronin symbols anywhere on the screen.

The next special game will give you 5 free spins and each spin has a corresponding multiplier bonus. The 1st spin has a 1x multiplier up to the 5th spin with 5x multiplier.

Lastly, the 3rd bonus game will give you instantly 25 free spins with a 2x multiplier for each spin.

Progressive Jackpot

The game has a progressive jackpot that gets larger and larger every time a player bets and spins. Part of the bet goes to the pot money that can be won in random anytime during the game.

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