Play Free Trial or Try Your Luck with Chinese Kitchen Online Slot

Play Free Trial or Try Your Luck with Chinese Kitchen Online Slot

Do you want to enjoy the delicious food and accompanied by the interesting game? Well, let’s try to play free trial or try your luck with chinese kitchen online slot in Playtech. Here, you will be able to enjoy the culinary from China. Then, the game that is so interesting can be enjoyed by you. If you are lucky, you will get the best jackpot with the great reward.

The description of Play Free Trial or Try Your Luck with Chinese Kitchen Online Slot

As the name, the Chinese Kitchen online slot is a game that has the Chinese culinary theme. There, there are some kinds of the pictures related to this theme. You will get them in Chinese characteristic. You will see that there is a chef that is cooking some kind of the food. Then, there is also the chef assistant that is helping him. Then, at the left of the screen, you will see the reels. It consists of the food pictures completed by the pay table score.

If you see, this game is very interesting. The run of the game is very amazing. Then, you also will get much benefit because the reward is very much. This game is not different with the other slot machines available to play at Slot E-Games Machine On Pc, Mobile IOS, Android.

Play Free Trial or Try Your Luck with Chinese Kitchen Online Slot
Play Free Trial or Try Your Luck with Chinese Kitchen Online Slot

How to Play Chinese Kitchen Online Slot

Because this game uses the real money offered by Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website, you should play the game well. Because of that, you will win the game easily. The followings are some important things you can do for playing the Chinese Kitchen online slot:

Firstly, the player should choose the value of the betting that will be used. For choosing this, you can use the button minus – or plus + for reducing or increasing the value of the betting.

The next one is you can choose the kind of the betting. Those are such as all line, bet one, bet max, or the others. You should choose one of them that you think it is suitable for you.

After that, you should click spin column. This column means that you can round the reels or screen of the pictures.

The reels will round at the moment. You should wait it stopping for rounding. If there are three pictures that have the same patterns that are suitable for the pay line patterns.If you get the jackpot picture or the scattered picture, you will get the best reward.

If you don’t get the pictures like mentioned above, you will not get any rewards.

Some kinds of the rewards

This game consists of some pictures. Every picture has the certain value. The followings are the explanation of the value of the pictures:

If you have three pictures of the starfish, you will get the score 10. Then, if you have three octopus pictures, you will get the score 20. The three caterpillar pictures have the score 30. Three fish pictures have score 40.

Three duck pictures have score 80. There are three frog pictures have 100. The next one, there are snail pictures in three, you will get 200. Then, three crab pictures have 200. Two crab pictures have score 10. Two crab pictures have score 2. Then, the last there are three turtle pictures have score 1000.


For the pay table technique in this Casino E-Games, Slot Mobile Betting, Big Wins Free Spins game, this is very simple. Those are such as horizontal, vertical and above or bottom diagonals. Here, the player should suit the pictures on the reels with the pay table pattern. If there is the similar picture with the pay table pattern, you will get some rewards. It is based on the kind of the picture you get. This is because every picture has the different score.

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