Best Graphics 3D Slot 4 Seasons with Nice Bonus Features

Best Graphics 3D Slot 4 Seasons with Nice Bonus Features

Four Seasons seems like a juice drink turned in to a game but it isn’t. And it’s somehow related to changing season as winter, spring, and summer or fall theme as well. The best graphics 3d slot 4 Seasons with nice bonus features seems has a thematic feel offering by Casino E-Games, Slot Mobile Betting, Big Wins Free Spins.

Four Season is a new creation video game slot by Betsoft Gaming, also a casino game developer. The game as contrary to its title is a Chinese Zodiac theme inspired video slot machine game which is turn into cute three-dimensional symbols of the Eastern/Chinese Zodiacs. Betsoft is well famed for games that are themes they’ve more or less created themselves.

4 Seasons Slot 3D Interface

Interface is pretty much good. Four Season 3D slot uses 5-reel and three rows on its format and offers 30 pay lines. Symbols depicted by the Chinese zodiacs are surprisingly that cute. It has a Chinese Oriental theme with vivid and dynamic three dimension look upon playing the 4 season.

Best Graphics 3D Slot 4 Seasons Chinese Zodiacs, Seasons, Bonus and Features

The gameplay is pretty much like normal video slots, on 4 season, 12 animal symbols that corresponds on the Chinese Zodiacs plays an important role of giving players chances of winning. Chinese Zodiacs are animals that includes a tiger, a rabbit, an ox, a dragon, a goat, a snake, a rooster, a horse, dog and a pig.

With each symbol rendered cute in three-dimensional style that always smile which delights your heart upon playing a seeing those creatures. Other symbols of the game include that Yin and Yang symbol which is in gold and also a golden cat which plays a very important role on the game.

Best Graphics 3D Slot 4 Seasons with Nice Bonus Features
Best Graphics 3D Slot 4 Seasons with Nice Bonus Features

4 Seasons Wild Symbol

The Wild symbol of the game is the Golden Cat as mentioned earlier. As the wild symbol of the game, it will replace all the symbols except the scatter symbol. Five wilds will grant you a massive 10,000 coin to 50,000 depending on the pay line combinations.

Ying and Yang symbols are the scatter symbols and grants you Free spins. Three or more of the mentioned symbols that lands anywhere on the reels the bonus round will be triggered and additional free pins will be rewarded to you. More Yin and Yang will grant you more free spins for more chances of winning prizes.

Free Spins Features

Free spins are play at Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website with the same bet as the triggering spins and has a chance of being reactivated during the bonus rounds. There are no multipliers and goodies during free spins but there are a lot of ways to get an extra value as mention earlier.

Another feature of the game is that a block win combination feature that gives you additional multiplier on your own winnings. Many of the symbols showed up stacked in the game and manage two complete the reels of the same symbols which of course exclude the wild symbol, you’ll get a multiplier to your wins.

Two solid reels will earn you two times multiplier, three solid reels earns you a whooping thrice multiplier, four solid reels which earn 5 x multiplier and five reels will earn you for a jaw dropping 10 x multiplier.

The 4 Seasons Season Wheel Feature

Season Wheel Feature as the title goes that the highest paying symbol rotate on the season wheel which is on normal play. This feature is giving some players a chance to win up 10x of you the bet is wage. Every 30 spins, the Zodiac wheel will rotate to a new symbol and while that symbol is chosen, that animal covered in gold will pay 10x of your bet.

The animal directly to the right of left of the golden animal will be shown will become a silver and pay you 5x and your bet and the three animals left and right of the silver animal will pay you 2x your bet. The season wheel animal rotates counter clockwise.

Gamble Feature of 4 Seasons

To make things more exciting, there’s a gamble feature called Heads or Tails. On this bonus feature, you can select the double up button after a standard winning combo and guess if it’s either head or tails to fall in a coin flip.

Any correct guess will double your winnings and an incorrect will of course will make you the opposite. You can use the feature as much as you want, choosing the collect button on the screen will return you back to the normal game.

With such amazing bonus feature and cute furry animals. 4 Season is great way to play slots. You can play it for free first at Slot E-Games Machine On Pc, Mobile IOS, Android before playing it real. Play it at your own convenience on PC or mobile devices such as tablets or phones whether its powered by Android or iOS.

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